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You’ve got a great deal of tasks that you will need to complete, but you just don’t have enough time to do everything by yourself. When it comes to running your business, you’re most likely trying very tough to race ahead of the competition, boost your sales, marketing your brand, keep on top of your earnings, making your internal processes more efficient – the list of’things to do’ is endless… If you’re thinking that the burden is on your shoulders, think again.

If you still feel somewhat hesitant to assign parts of your company to someone you have never met, you’re not alone. The notion of hiring a link virtual assistant seattle can feel odd at first, but what you will soon realize is that it is all about choosing the perfect tasks for them to deal with.

There are a whole lot of misconceptions in the market surrounding the idea of virtual assistants and their role in helping organizations. The problem is not necessarily in the quality of the digital assistant’s work, but instead in the selection of the tasks which were assigned to her.

Online Research

Get the support of a VA to run any time-consuming online research, and get the best advice on any subject, product or competitor in a timeframe which suits you.

Social Media Marketing

A Virtual Assistant can post in your social networking channels for your benefit and advertise your search engine optimization content, raising the visibility of your brand, products, and services. VA proficient in Social Media can help you make a social networking strategy, integrating it with the rest of your marketing strategy.

Data Presentation

You have an important meeting with a new customer and you would like to make a smashing impression? A Virtual Assistant can make a stunning PowerPoint presentation in accordance with your specifications so you can get the most out of your productive time.

Blog Ghostwriting

Content promotion is the name of the sport now. Your site will fetch you an amazing amount of traffic, if performed properly. Your Virtual Assistant can also post on Moderate or Pulse for you. This is imperative to add fuel to your content’s reach and drive direct visitors to your site.

Schedule Management

If there are places you will need to visit and people you will need to call, it is best if someone reminds you to do it. You’ll finish your chores much faster if you allow your Virtual Assistant handle your journal you.

It is always a good idea to send a gift card for your customers on birthdays and vacations. These are pretty simple but quite time-consuming jobs that need a creative effort. You may even get your VA to congratulate a spouse or a customer on a new job or deal, particularly if your client or spouse employs social media.

Websites need constant maintenance and upgrading. Many Virtual Assistants are knowledgeable about WordPress but also with other site builders such as 1&1. A VA can offer you a real hand when it comes to handling your e-commerce website. Writing compelling product descriptions, editing lists of goods or graphics, updating prices and online processing or inventory orders are task a proficient VA can do for you.

Internal Training

Training your employees about how best to use a new software or service can occupy a great chunk of your busy time. She could even train your employees , using Skype for instance, saving on costs.

Spreadsheet Management

As a company owner, you probably need to take care of a plethora of reports which need to be completed on a regular basis, from staff timesheets to expenditures or customers lists. The natural idea is to allow your VA do all of this. A Virtual Assistant can import, export and sort any type of information while she can also manage spreadsheet design and basic maintenance.

Customer Service Support

A Virtual Assistant can answer to your questions within a specified timeline. A company question can be anything, from an unsatisfied customer to a possible customer. A VA can keep you on top of your customer support jobs, creating new business opportunities, resolving and escalating cases, responding to complains in the right manner.

Whichever tasks you choose to outsource to a Virtual Assistant, what’s important is to build trust and bring her to really understand your company – this may take up some time at the start of the connection but it is going to pay off going forward.