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Our thoughts understands every repetition as a proof of authenticity. Repetition is how advertising agencies convince you to purchase their products. Repetition and societal proof is how companies convince you to buy their stocks. And that’s what affirmations are.

Technically speaking, affirmations are statements that your mind believes to be factual. Anything from television advertisements to reading a novel is an affirmation. You’re constantly affirming things to yourself every single day, without even noticing that each affirmation is creating a subconscious pattern.

It’s a wrong believe that affirmations are simply sentences you can repeat to yourself and make change. Affirmations are supposed to be emotional statements individuals replicate. It is a subconscious connection that attracts the things you need in life.

Obviously, with some good old creativity and a bit of effort, you can create or change a habit in your lifetime. Here are 3 powerful actions to use affirmations to change the customs you dislike.

1. Length favorable sentences that you’re able to join with mentally – The biggest mistake people make when they produce affirmation is they never make an emotional connection to your statements, because of which affirmations do not work.

Say if I want to be happier, I will create an affirmation such as “I am so grateful for my beautiful family, for the money I make, for the lovable personality I have. When you speak this having a psychological connection, your affirmations start to get the job done.

2. Enjoy the new habit – Whenever you want to change a habit, you’ll need to make an option you enjoy. Appreciating the new habit, feeling grateful about it and enjoying every second of it’s the best method to change customs you dislike. More on –How to change habits.

As you know, what’s eventually an affirmation. So, instead of trying to repeat sentences and staying with your old customs all day , what you could do is maintain the condition of appreciation and gratitude as far as you can.

3. Quit procrastinating – If you are emotionally appreciating a habit, you might not be able to procrastinate. But, when by change you start procrastinating on the procedure for new habit development, you should keep the affirmations occurring while you take positive action to also stop procrastinating.